Q. What does Bride of Frankincense smell like?

A. I find Bride of Frankincense products to have a soothing scent. To date, people that smell it say the scents are pleasant and clean. I do not add anything to change or manipulate the natural fragrance. What you smell is simply the ingredients in the product.

Q. I have sensitive skin. Are Bride of Frankincense products good for me?

A. Bride of Frankincense is formulated with products generally kind to sensitive skin. It is free of all synthetics, any artificial preservatives, all thickening agents as well as any oils known to have the potential to cause irritation. If you have a specific allergy to any of the plant based ingredients listed on the products page I would not recommend using that product.

Q. Have Bride of Frankincense products been tested?

A. Bride of Frankincense has been tested on myself, my husband, my children, friends as well as their family but never my puppy! Tested on humans only with great results!

Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. Unopened, the product is good for a minimum of one year. Once opened I would recommend the products be used within six months as the life length would depend on how the product is being handled. Colloidal Silver is added for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal qualities and is the only preservative.

Q. I know essential oils are supposed to be stored carefully. How should I store my Bride of Frankincense products?

A. Bride of Frankincense products are packed in amber glass jars and bottles with the exception of the daily cleansing pads. The cleansing pads are packaged in amber PET jars. The amber coloring helps to protect the delicate oils from the sun and UV light so it is safe to store the products on your bathroom counters or cupboards.

Q. Do the products leave an oily feel to my skin? What about applying makeup over it?

A. One thing to remember when applying Bride of Frankincense products is a little goes a long way! Pre-hydrating with the Refreshing Skin Toner helps prepare your skin to soak up the Bride of Frankincense Daily Moisturizer. Think of a wet sponge vs. a dry sponge. The moisturizer sinks right into the skin. I suggest waiting a few minutes before applying makeup to allow the moisturizer to penetrate the skin. I find I don’t need a primer and use a lot less foundation with this system.